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Sunday Summer Swells…


With January pretty much over we have been lucky overall with the summer swells and warm water. Who said you can’t surf in boardies in Vic, last weekend you could have been mistaken for being in noosa… Yesterday was super fun if you knew where to look with a little junky SE swell and clean conditions. But … Continue reading

Rob Machado Shreds A Surfboard/Snowboard Hybrid


Machairdo is at it again… Surfing weird and wonderful craft better than you can ride your penny down the street… A snowboard manufacturing company out of Huntington Beach, Signal Snowboards, has a cool little show they produce called, Every Third Thursday where they get weird and have fun (which is right up our alley). For this particular episode, … Continue reading

Happy Australia Day!


Happy Australia Day shredders! There is some swell out there, just go find somewhere protected from this devil wind!  

“This is My Life” J.O.B


J.O.B is back… With a little “this is my life” presented by Red Bull. Few crazy little parties, some shit surfing and bad comp conditions… I hope the next episodes get a little more interesting. Pro surfer Jamie O’Brien surfs baby waves at the Reef Hawaiian Pro before heading out to the big swell at … Continue reading

From Where You’d Rather Be…


An epic boat journey with legendary surf director, Taylor Steele. Here’s a little glimpse of paradise he brought back.

Wilko Getting Extreme…


Wilko, ur too much of a ladies man to risk hurting urself like that… And a nice little heal kick you got goin on… out 2 brunch, still providing good entertainment…

Craig Anderson… Styling


Styling. Rad Colours. I recognise some of these spots… Will be back in indo in May on a new mission… Can’t wait.  

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